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Caleigh Robertson, RMT
Massage Therapist

Since completing a 2200-hour program at ICT Northumberland College in 2016, Caleigh has become a very well recognized massage therapist in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Caleigh has always had a strong passion for movement and her speciality lies within treating athletes to help them get back in the game and improve overall performance. She also completed an undergraduate degree at the University of New Brunswick with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiolgy. Here she was able to really find her love for the Human body and how it moves.

Before attending massage therapy school, Caleigh has experience as a kinesiologist in a chronic pain multidisciplinary clinic, allowing her to work with various chronic pain conditions. As well as a opportunities to work as a trainer with different sports teams and tournaments.

Caleigh’s massage style typically involves overall sport injury prevention and rehab, myofascial release, and deep tissue treatments. Over the last few years Caleigh has worked with various Olympic, professional, elite and university athletes. She has also completed her Joga Coach training which is a movement based system designed specifically for athletes with a combination of yoga techniques and the biomechanics of sport.

She is originally from Charlottetown, PEI and has been involved in various competitive sports since a young age but developed a love for basketball & volleyball as well as artistic swimming which she competed at provincial and national levels.

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