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Dr. Kriya Siewrattan, ND
Naturopathic Doctor

Originally from the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago, Dr. Kriya Siewrattan moved to
Canada with her family to pursue her studies. She was exposed to naturopathic medicine under challenging circumstances as her father was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer soon after they moved, and he and saw a Naturopathic Doctor for integrative cancer care. After his passing, she started seeing a Naturopathic Doctor and learned about the benefits of a healthy diet and active lifestyle to improve one’s quality of life, as well as the uses of botanicals, supplements and acupuncture. Her ND encouraged her to pursue a career in naturopathic medicine while she was still completing her undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto. She eventually enrolled at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and graduated with a Doctor of Naturopathy Degree in 2020.

After graduating, Dr. Kriya completed one year of training at the East Coast Naturopathic Clinic in Bedford under the supervision of Dr. Bryan Rade, ND and worked with patients with complex, chronic illnesses.

In her current practice at Quantum Sport Therapy, Dr. Kriya works together with her patients to
identify and meet their health goals. She has a special interest in gastrointestinal issues, mental
wellness, fatigue, thyroid health and hormonal support. In her free time, Dr. Kriya enjoys the
beautiful outdoors of Nova Scotia.

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