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Ryan Lofgren, CSEP
Functional Movement Specialist

Originally from Ontario, Ryan grew up in a small town outside of Toronto called Uxbridge. He played hockey and baseball growing up, and led his curling team to provincial playoffs in Grade 12.

After high school, Ryan studied Fitness and Health Promotion at Durham College, receiving his certification in Personal Training through the organization CSEP. Ryan took to fitness initially because of the benefits for his mental health that he experienced during, and after training sessions. Ryan then worked as a Strength Coach at The Hill Academy, a private high school for athletes in Toronto. He found a passion for teaching young adults how to move better as athletes, and how much movement helped in all aspects of life.

Ryan is passionate about functional movement, and training in order to perform every day activities better, and without pain/injuries. Whether you want to spend time hiking, playing sports, climbing, or just walking to and from work, Ryan will do his best to help you train your body for whatever you want to do in your free time.

Outside of the gym, Ryan enjoys climbing at Seven Bays Bouldering or outdoors, and he loves drinking coffee with his cat, Gilly.

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