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Adrian Wong, MScPT

Adrian is an energetic and easy-going physiotherapist who would love to collaborate with
you to achieve your goals. He values your long-term objectives as much as immediate pain
relief. His clinical approach starts with an extensive biomechanics and movement analysis,
followed by a discussion with you to design the best treatment plan.

As a keen basketball player, Adrian enjoys working with varsity basketball and volleyball
teams He also enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, sea kayaking and
snowboarding. He will be happy to help you achieve your goals to get out into the great
outdoors. Some of his special interests include performing running analysis and
recommending running shoes and hiking boots.

Apart from Sports Therapy, Adrian is also a seasoned manual therapist.. He is passionate
and effective in addressing headaches, neck pain, and nerve compressions. He can also
provide specific treatments for his patients including Mulligan Techniques, Muscle Energy
Techniques or acupuncture.

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