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Erin Wilson, CPT, FIS
Functional Movement Specialist

Erin Wilson (CPT, FIS, Agatsu Level 1, Yogafit 100hrs for Athletes, Schwinn Cycling) might just be your new best friend. If your goal is to: move better, feel confident in the gym, gain experience lifting weights, build your strength, and to learn how to build habits and consistencies that will last you a lifetime – then we should probably chat.

In class, expect: intensity, sweat, full body movement, form correction and fun. Because life is too short to force ourselves to do things we don’t like.
In personal training, expect: basics building, confidence acquiring, muscle growth, and probably a lot of conversation and laughter.

I’m here to help empower you to be bold in your fitness journey. To celebrate your accomplishments both big and seemingly small. How to take actionable steps towards being the strongest version of yourself, both inside and out. Let’s work together so that you can move your body with ease and enjoyment.

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