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Jessica French, MScPT

Jessica is a passionate runner, an aspiring yogi and is constantly searching for a new
adventures. Jessica has always been interested in human movement which became
evident when she began coaching gymnastics, figure skating, and volleyball at a young age. Her interest in the human movement prospered while completing an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology, at Memorial University of Newfoundland, followed by a Masters in Physiotherapy from Queen Margaret University in Scotland.

Jessica’s professional experience has provided her with the opportunity to be involved with many aspects of the physiotherapy profession ranging from acute injuries to chronic conditions. Jessica focuses on patient centred care with an emphasis on personal goals. Throughout her career Jessica has come to recognize that each individual needs something different in order to succeed and works with each individual to reach their full potential. Her most recent qualifications include running assessment and injury prevention, manual movement courses, as well as pre-medical assessment and strength and mobility testing. She is registered with the Nova Scotia Physiotherapy Association and is an active member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

Having completed multiple ultra-marathons you will most likely find Jessica running
along the trails, hiking and camping, or attending a workout class in the community. Recently moved from Ontario, Jessica is eager to take every opportunity to learn and grow within her career and as a person.

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