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Olivia Coakley, CPT

Meet Team Training Coach and Personal Trainer, Olivia!

Over the course of more than a decade, Olivia actively engaged in soccer, proudly representing both the Nova Scotia provincial team and Dalhousie University. In 2018, Olivia made a pivotal decision to shift her attention towards the realm of physical fitness and began immersing herself in the gym environment. She embarked on a transformative journey thanks to the help of her own trainer who sparked a profound passion for weight training within her. Olivia personally witnessed the remarkable advantages of guidance and instruction from a personal trainer, making her want to pursue such a career path as well.

Olivia’s passion for helping people achieve their fitness goals and enjoy the process of getting there has driven her to come up with an ideal approach to training others. Her approach to personal training is tailored to each individual’s unique needs and goals. She believes in creating a supportive and positive environment where clients feel empowered in their journey to improve their quality of life. Through personalized fitness plans and emphasis on form and technique Olivia helps clients reach their fitness goals.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle, improve your overall fitness, or simply lead a healthier lifestyle, Olivia is your girl!

-Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Dalhousie)
-NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

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